Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Plum Plum Pickers In class essay

           In the first two passages of "The Plum Plum Pickers", Raymond Barrio suggests that under certain conditions, man can have animal like qualities, and he suggests this because of how Manuel "operates" while working in the intense heat picking apricots.
           It's extremely hot out, and Manuel is working and starting to feel like he's an animal. He feels trapped in the rows of apricot trees, and he's sweating, tired and needs a break. He gets a drink from the water tank, but he doesn't drink it like a "human". Instead, he takes long enormous gulps of it to try and cool his "animal-like" body, until he has his lunch break.

         During his lunch break he tried to regain some of his humanity back, by trying to eat his lunch and relax in the shade a little. As some of his humanity came back to him, a beam of sunlight hit him right in the face. His body made him black out, fighting whether or not if he's an animal or a human being, and it caused him to knock over the bucket he was filling. when the supervisor came over and yelled at him, he regained conscience, and remembered that he was a human being, and did nothing to even try and fight back, or protect himself.  

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