Thursday, December 2, 2010

Explication on Part 1 of "The Stranger"

       In the passage when Raymond beats his ex-wife, Albert Camus suggests that love can be an emotion that can trigger other emotions to show a lot more in may ways. Raymond had loved his ex-wife, but when he learned that she had cheated on him, he showed a lot of anger, and had violent impulses about her.
      When the passage starts, it starts with "a woman's shrill voice and then saying 'you used me, you used me. I'll teach you to use me'" (35) Camus uses tone to express how Raymond had loved his ex-wife, and how he had anger in his voice because she had caused him a lot of hurt, and he felt that beating her would be a way of hurting her back and teaching her a lesson, to not use someone who loves you for you're own gain. "There were some thuds and the woman screamed." (35) Raymond at this point in the passage had started to beat his ex, and she did not realize that he was going to that extent, so in response she had started screaming.

     Near the end of the passage Raymond still didn't stop when a police man came to handle the situation. Raymond's ex tried to blame him saying that "He's a pimp!" (36) She tried to tell the policeman that Raymond was convicting a crime for being a pimp, because she knew that the only way to get rid of him was to get him arrested since she didn't want him anymore. Raymond responds to that by saying "you just wait sweetheart- we're not through yet." (36) Raymond still wants to show his ex that he's not done with teaching her a lesson, but he couldn't stop, because when someone starts playing with another persons love, that love can trigger other emotions to show strong, and one of the main emotions that are triggered is anger. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Plum Plum Pickers In class essay

           In the first two passages of "The Plum Plum Pickers", Raymond Barrio suggests that under certain conditions, man can have animal like qualities, and he suggests this because of how Manuel "operates" while working in the intense heat picking apricots.
           It's extremely hot out, and Manuel is working and starting to feel like he's an animal. He feels trapped in the rows of apricot trees, and he's sweating, tired and needs a break. He gets a drink from the water tank, but he doesn't drink it like a "human". Instead, he takes long enormous gulps of it to try and cool his "animal-like" body, until he has his lunch break.

         During his lunch break he tried to regain some of his humanity back, by trying to eat his lunch and relax in the shade a little. As some of his humanity came back to him, a beam of sunlight hit him right in the face. His body made him black out, fighting whether or not if he's an animal or a human being, and it caused him to knock over the bucket he was filling. when the supervisor came over and yelled at him, he regained conscience, and remembered that he was a human being, and did nothing to even try and fight back, or protect himself.  

College Essay

When                         When  I was six years old my father had bought me my first race-car game. After playing the game for quite some time, I realized that I had started to become strongly interested in cars, and learning how they work. My father himself had been repairing and fixing cars and trucks almost all his life, and because of him, I was given the opportunity to be able to learn and have a much greater understanding of how to repair and maintain them. I first started by just watching him do the work, and when he had asked, I would go and fetch the tool that he needed to use. It was amazing to watch how he would be able to take something apart and get the vehicle to run much better than it did before. He had taught me how to diagnose and troubleshoot problems, and how to “properly” fix them. To this day I’m starting to be able to learn how to watch for problems, and be able to know how to fix it.
Before I began my freshman year in high school, my father had started to let me do some of the work myself, so I can gain experience. I started out with simple work, like changing the oil and oil filter, changing brake pads and rotors, and jacking up the car. , I was starting to become a mechanic. From learning to change the oil and filter, and changing brakes, he started to let me do other things as well, like doing a basic tune up, changing tie-rods, ball joints, and other parts in the steering and suspension in cars. I also started to learn how to change and clean batteries, change starters, alternators, check fuses and relays, and replace them. As I started doing some of the work, we were able to get the job done a little quicker than if it were just he by himself. But the time that we get the job done in also depends on whether we run into any problems. There were a lot of times when we would run into problems, whether it is a tool we forgot, if it were the right part, or if a bolt snapped, or we stripped the head of a bolt.
Over the summer, we had a car that needed hub bearings, and front brakes done on it. When we got it all apart, we found that the hub itself needed to be replaced. That part we needed is something that had to be ordered from a dealership, or found in a junkyard. Luckily we found one in a junkyard, but then we had to go to somewhere else to get the hub bearings compressed to the hub. All of this took almost a week to do, but the job was done, and the customer was happy with the work. We then had another car, not too long ago, that needed a water pump done on it. We got the water pump out no problem, but it took us a while to figure out why the fan blade would not come off of the pump. We found that not only did the water pump need to be changed; the fan blade needed a new fan clutch. To do this it took us a couple of days, since we needed to order more parts, but we got the job done, and got the car back to the customer.
            These experiences with my father have helped me become a good auto mechanic. Because of that, I want to go and pursue my goal of becoming an ASE certified mechanic to work on cars and trucks. So not only would I just work on customer cars, but also on my own, and my families. I know myself that I will become successful, because I enjoy working on cars, and I also enjoy making myself and others feel happy, and to also give them my word that I will do the best to my ability to fix whatever problem they have.